About Us

Finger Lakes Mediation Services was founded in 2010, as a mediation practice specializing in divorce and family mediation. We’ve since grown our firm to help resolve not only family disputes but business and community conflicts as well.

We believe that there is an appropriate, affordable solution to every problem, and we want to help you find yours. For your convenience, Finger Lakes Mediation Services has locations in Victor, Penfield and Greece, New York. We strive to provide our clients with a comfortable, private space where they can feel safe and confident.

At Finger Lakes Mediation, we believe that every person has the right to voice their needs, their frustrations, their hopes and fears, while being actively listened to. When you enter our offices, you can be confident that you are important and will be treated fairly without bias.

Michaele Gantz, Owner, Mediator

Michaele C. Gantz, Owner and Mediator

Michaele is a respected professional in the Wayne, Ontario, and Monroe County communities, providing only the highest standard of mediation. She has a B.S. in psychology from SUNY Brockport, is a member of the New York City Council on Mediation, and is experienced in marital and family mediation of all sorts as well as community and business mediation. Michaele has an extensive record of facilitating compromises that save time, resources, and distress as those involved reshape their lives. Throughout the mediation process, Michaele serves as a guide for each individual, using focused discussions to define the issues and explore fair settlement options.

Michaele earned her certification at The Center for Dispute Settlement, taught anger management for the courts and provided conflict resolution training classes for Rotary International.

Patrizia Mancuso Marino, Italian Foreign Legal Consultant

Patrizia Mancuso-Marino is an Italian-born Attorney and recognized by the NY Bar Association as a certified Italian Foreign Legal Consultant.

After graduating, Mrs. Mancuso-Marino was admitted to practice law, and certified as an attorney by the Bar Association of Rome in March 2005. Following that she practiced in many areas of personal and corporate law including; family law; immigration law; corporate law; real estate; transportation law; inheritance; wills & trusts. With an extensive education, Patrizia earned her Masters In Law (LLM Degree) from University of Buffalo School of Law, focusing on family law and civil procedures.

Patrizia Mancuso-Marino is currently located in Rochester, New York. Fluent in Italian and English, she provides legal services to Italian citizens living locally and abroad and Americans who have need of legal-council relative to concerns in Italy. Mrs. Mancuso-Marino frequently assists clients in legal matters related to the immigration law through the Italian Embassy, inheritance and will, real estate, debt collection and family law. When operating both across cultures and boarders, Mrs. Mancuso-Marino, demonstrates her unique grasp of the legal systems as they pertain to client needs.

On November 22, 2020, Patrizia Mancuso Marino received her certification as Divorce Mediator from the Center for Mediation and Training of New York City.

Patrizia is deeply compassionate and sympathetic toward the stresses which can be raised during family legal conflicts. Witnessing these situations throughout her career led her to become a certified mediator. Taking this step is enacting her goal of helping families avoid litigation.

Patrizia provides divorce, business, medical malpractice, personal injury, family and divorce mediation and is a mentor trained by Michaele Gantz, CEO of Finger Lakes Mediation. Ms. Gantz is grateful to have Patrizia as a team member, and is excited to offer her service to English and Italian-speaking clients. Patrizia’s direct website can be found here and she’ll be meeting with clients at the Greece office. Patrizia’s direct line is 585-283-7115.