Going through a family conflict, a divorce, or a business dispute is painful enough. The route you take to resolve the conflict and eventually move on doesn’t have to be equally painful.

Finger Lakes Mediation and Divorce Coaching LLC provides an alternative to litigation, where everyone involved in a dispute can be heard, validated, and invited to participate in finding a fair resolution.

We offer divorce mediation and divorce coaching for issues such as alimony, child custody, and asset allocation. You can also turn to our practice for legal separation agreements, mediation between family members, business mediation, and community mediation.

Michaele Gantz, our owner and mediator, has been through the mediation process herself. She uses her prestigious certifications, training, and first-hand experience to help clients on both sides of a dispute feel confident that they will get to the other side of their conflict in one piece. Based in Rochester, NY, our mediation services are available for clients throughout Victor, Greece, and Macedon, NY. If you are interested in learning more about our mediation services or if you would like to schedule a consultation, we welcome you to contact our office today.

The Benefits of Professional Mediation Services

Legal disputes can be incredibly difficult for individuals, families, or companies. They are expensive, time-consuming, and emotionally draining. Meditation services offer an alternative to litigation. Participants in the mediation process get the advantages of resolution and closure without most of the difficulties. Read on to learn just some of the many benefits of mediation: 

  •  Save Money: The cost of mediation is generally much less than the cost to take a case to trial. If cost is a concern for you, consider taking advantage of our mediation services. 
  • Save Time: If you have an issue that needs to be resolved quickly, mediation could be the answer for you. Mediation services are much faster than waiting for a trial or appeal. 
  • Flexibility & Control: There is much more room to be flexible during mediation than with litigation. Many parties prefer the relatively loose structure and retained sense of control that comes with mediation. We can apply different styles of service to facilitate communication and keep the conversation going in a constructive direction. 
  • A Complete Process: One of the most compelling features of mediation services is the fact that your concerns and point of view will be heard. During litigation, many very real issues can often be eclipsed by legal technicalities, arguments between counsel, and procedural red tape. With mediation, a skilled professional will listen to issues described by all involved parties, then help direct them to a favorable solution. 
  • Voluntary Resolution: Mediation is voluntary. No one can force the parties to accept a given agreement. Participants are encouraged to work together, with help from the mediator, to come to an agreement. A resolution is only reached when both parties agree that it will work. 

Finger Lakes Mediation and Divorce Coaching LLC offers comprehensive mediation services for families or businesses throughout Victor, Greece, Macedon, and the rest of the greater Rochester, NY area. Contact our office to learn more about the ways our services can benefit you! 

Our Mediation Services Can Help

Our mediators stay up to date on the latest developments and changes to New York State law, which ensures that your case will be handled with thoroughness and attention to detail. We have several attorneys available at all times and even have an attorney exclusively dedicated to filing.

We fully understand that emotions can run high during any kind of conflict – whether it be differences in parenting styles, disagreements over business practices, child custody disputes, or conflicts stemming from elder care or estate planning.

With the right communication tactics and structured conversations, we turn hopeless, stressful feelings into empowerment. Contact us today to request an appointment or consultation with our team to get started with mediation services. We welcome clients from the entire Rochester, NY region, including Victor, Macedon, Greece, NY and beyond.