Finger Lakes Mediation Services

We’re proud to offer a range of services at Finger Lakes Mediation in Rochester, NY. Here you can speak freely and know that you will be listened to and understood. Your boundaries and best interests will be honored. Read on to find out what sorts of friction we smooth out.

Divorce mediation. A marriage breaking up is never easy. You have the division of resources to consider, as well as concerns with housing, alimony, and more. Emotions often run high,

making the presence of a mediator even more valuable. We take great pride in being able to do our job in a non-adversarial way. With guided conversation and collaboration, the process is shorter, less stressful, and less expensive.

Legal separation mediation. New York recognizes legal separation as an agreement between spouses to live separately but remain married. Similar to divorce, legal separation involves division of assets, custody and visitation agreements, and setting up any spousal support. Your mediator will help you come to an agreement that is fair to everyone.

Child custody mediation. Whether from divorce or separation, all too often children are caught in the crossfire. At Finger Lakes Mediation, children’s rights are our number one priority. In cases where a child or dependent’s welfare is concerned, we take the utmost care to come to a resolution that is safe and positive for them.

Family mediation. Disagreements involving elder care are common, as well as sibling arguments, estate management, and more. We work to frame a discussion between those involved and move it toward a decision that all can live with.

Business mediation. Conflict in the workplace or between businesses can be very costly and upset the process of running a company. Finger Lakes Mediation is an impartial third party, trained and certified to deliver you the best outcome possible. We give you the chance to get satisfaction without going to court.

Community mediation. Do you have a problem with someone but don’t want to sue them? The vast majority of personal lawsuits and civil cases settle out of court, and we believe you can too. Community mediation improves relationships between individuals and organizations. We encourage all parties to act in good faith toward everyone’s best interests.