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Professional and Affordable Mediation

Conflict is a part of life. Sometimes it can be avoided, sometimes not. It’s frustrating when you feel misunderstood or unheard. People come to Finger Lakes Mediation feeling sad, angry, and tired, but as the mediation process continues, those negative feelings are replaced with hope and confidence.

Whether it’s divorce, business disputes, child custody battles, or any situation that puts human beings at odds with one another, strife often becomes unhealthy, even toxic. Even in amicable cases, it can be hard to decide on a course of action without help.

Professional mediation is about ending conflict. It’s about solving the problem at its root and reaching a compromise that all parties can agree on. Professional mediation is about finding answers, and ultimately, peace.

“Conflict is stressful” says Michaele Gantz, “and can waste your time and resources. But it can also be productive if you have someone who knows how to listen and understand every party, sort the facts out, and find a solution that considers everyone’s needs.”

It doesn’t have to be a fight. We can work this out.