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Resolving Business Conflicts in Upstate New York

Business Mediation Services in Rochester, NY

It’s not uncommon for significant conflicts to arise between people who operate a business or work together. Through Finger Lakes Mediation and Divorce Coaching LLC, Attorney and Mediator Jon Getz has helped clients resolve a wide variety of business disputes throughout Rochester, NY and the surrounding areas.

The cause of some business conflicts can be difficult to pin down, especially when multiple people are involved and the conflict may be a result of miscommunication. While some business disputes need to be taken to court, 95% of cases can avoid litigation and settle outside of the courtroom.

Choosing Finger Lakes Mediation for business mediation services is far less expensive and takes less time than litigation. And – best of all – you get to decide the outcome, not a court. Having a lawyer present during mediation is optional, but you should consider getting an attorney if you feel the need for one or if the other party plans to have one present during mediation.

Business Mediation Services in Manhattan and New York City

An Efficient and Empowering Approach

Choosing Finger Lakes Mediation for your business disputes not only proves cost-effective but also facilitates a swifter resolution. In mediation, you wield the power to determine the outcome, avoiding reliance on a court decision. Although having legal representation during mediation is at your discretion, we recommend considering it, especially if you sense the need or if the other party intends to have legal representation present as well.

Your Trusted Business Mediation Professionals

At Finger Lakes Mediation in Rochester, NY, our goal is always to give all parties involved the neutral and highly professional setting they need to rationally and respectfully work toward a fair resolution. The goal is not to assign blame or take sides. Jon Getz, one of our most accomplished business mediators, is here to put control of the situation in your hands.

Contact our expert business mediators  in Rochester, NY for mediation services tailored to modern business ownership.

"Business mediation is the skill of discovering common ground within corporate complexities. It turns disputes into opportunities, enabling companies to collaboratively navigate challenges and lay the foundation for sustainable growth."