Business Mediation

Conflict in business can arise from diverse sources. It often involves multiple people and it can be hard to pin down the source. Whether it arises from miscommunication, conflict of interest, or a personality clash, Finger Lakes Mediation will work with all parties to solve the issue fairly.

Some cases have to go to court, but we recommend avoiding the courtroom if possible. About 95% of lawsuits/civil cases settle out of court. Litigation is expensive and can take a long time, time you would rather spend running your business.

Settling out of court with or without the assistance of an attorney is usually the best way to settle the issue. The best part is that with mediation, you decide what the outcome is, not a judge and jury. You absolutely can use a lawyer and a mediator, and should use a lawyer if you feel the need to or the other party has one.

The goal is to frame a discussion that does not favor one party over another or assign blame. Finger Lakes Mediation is dedicated to neutrality with integrity, and we promise to handle your dispute in a way that puts you in control of your future.