Family Mediation

Not all family conflicts are caused by a breakup between partners. At Finger Lakes Mediation, we work with families of all walks of life in turmoil over a variety of issues.

Some families struggle with parenting styles, while others differ over finances. Negative communication in a family tends to spread. Problems between parents and children can lead to siblings being affected, and problems between parents. We want to end the tension by getting the facts, making a plan, and following through with it.

These are only a few examples of the situations we help guide to a peaceful conclusion. Professional family mediation improves communication and can even prevent future arguments as the parties use the communication techniques they learned during mediation.

Elder Care

One of the foremost causes of dissension in a family is elder care. The aging parent might need extra help, but their grown children disagree on what form that care should take. Perhaps the family needs help determining how each can contribute to their parent’s welfare according to their ability, or the elderly person is having trouble retaining their independence to their desired level.

Family arguments can arise from property and estate administration. Estate planning is a complex and difficult process, and disagreements can easily flare up when valuable possessions and keepsakes are in question. We can set up a discussion that ends in a resolution that honors everyone’s rights and wishes.