The end of a marriage isn’t the only kind of conflict that can cause problems for a family. In fact, there are many issues that can easily cause tension and negative communication without the right conflict management in place.

Parents may have significant differences in parenting styles, while other couples may struggle to agree on financial decisions. Adult siblings or extended family may find themselves in a difficult conflict over elder care, estate planning, or property administration.

Finger Lakes Mediation and Divorce Coaching LLC is here to help families work through any significant conflict – which helps them avoid further harm to family bonds and even prevent future arguments. It’s responsible, intelligent, and mature for the involved parties to seek the family mediation services of a professional mediation practice instead of resorting to arguments and combative communication. Whether your family is going through an asset dispute, child custody, or a divorce, our team is standing by to help those throughout Rochester, Victor, Greece, and Macedon, NY. 

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Matters relating to elder care are among the most common reasons families seek our mediation services. We can help the family of an aging person decide on a course of action that suits everyone’s needs – including the needs of the aging person. No matter the nature of your family’s issues, we’re here to provide mediation services to guide you through times of conflict. If you’re interested in learning more, contact our office to schedule a consultation. We’re proud to assist families across Rochester, Victor, Greece, Macedon, NY and the surrounding areas. Our family mediator looks forward to helping you resolve your disagreement.