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Family Mediation

Strengthening Family Bonds

Family Mediation Services in Rochester, NY and Beyond

The end of a marriage isn’t the only kind of conflict that can cause problems for a family. In fact, there are many issues that can easily cause tension and negative communication without the right conflict management in place.

Parents may have significant differences in parenting styles, while other couples may struggle to agree on financial decisions. Adult siblings or extended family may find themselves in a difficult conflict over elder care, estate planning, or property administration.

Finger Lakes Mediation and Divorce Coaching LLC is here to help families work through any significant conflict – which helps them avoid further harm to family bonds and even prevent future arguments. It’s responsible, intelligent, and mature for the involved parties to seek the family mediation services of a professional mediation practice instead of resorting to arguments and combative communication. Whether your family is going through an asset dispute, child custody, or a divorce, mediator Michaele Gantz and her team are standing by to help those throughout those all across Upstate New York and beyond.

Family Mediation in New York City at Consenso Mediation

Avoiding Combative Communication

Choosing professional mediation for family conflicts, instead of engaging in arguments and combative communication, reflects a responsible, intelligent, and mature approach. Whether your family is navigating asset disputes, child custody matters, or concerns related to elder care and estate planning, Divorce Mediator Michaele Gantz and her team are ready to provide assistance.

The Benefits of Choosing Family Mediation

Reduces the cost of separation  It is more cost-effective to pay for family mediation than it is to have both parties pay for a lawyer to go to court with. The idea is that family mediation can help a couple looking to get a divorce work through any issues without going to court. After family mediation, the couple can proceed with finalizing their divorce using the agreement they developed in their family mediation sessions.  

Flexible – Family mediation is more flexible because there are no rules on how you go about using meditation services. You can meet with the mediator separately or together, you can do one session or ten sessions, so everything is based on how you want to use the services. 

Empowers parents to communicate and produce agreements for their family – Family mediation is not just used for settling divorce outside of court, it is also used for settling small disagreements about things like parenting styles with another person present. You and your spouse can use family mediation to get help with learning to communicate effectively with one another.

"Family mediation forges connections and mends rifts. It cultivates understanding, enhances communication, and facilitates resolutions that respect the intricate tapestry of relationships."