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Divorce Mediation

Navigating Divorce with Compassion

Divorce Mediation Services in Rochester, NY

Ever since we were established in 2010, Finger Lakes Mediation and Divorce Coaching LLC has been helping individuals and families going through or considering divorce. We offer divorce mediation services to help spouses across Rochester, NY, Buffalo, Syracuse, and the surrounding areas. If you both agree that ending the marriage is the best course of action for your family and children, we encourage you to contact our office to schedule a consultation.
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Compassionate Mediation Focusing on the Wellbeing of All Involved

Divorce is a particularly contentious issue to take to court. Mediation is an alternative route that can be used to facilitate productive discussions about assets, alimony, co-parenting, child custody, and other relevant issues. Our owner and mediator, Michaele Gantz, is a Certified Divorce Coach and Recovery Coach who strives to make the entire divorce process simple, respectful, and fair. She is a neutral party that considers the needs and wellbeing of every person involved in the mediation process – including children. 

Timing is in Your Hands

At what point should you initiate the mediation process? Couples make varied choices, with some opting for mediation prior to filing for divorce, while others consider this alternative later in the process. The crucial point is that you retain control over the timing. Commencing the process sooner rather than later can assist in sidestepping the fear and uncertainty often linked to divorce. Consulting with a mediator early on aids both you and your partner in assessing if mediation aligns with your needs compared to traditional litigation. Importantly, it’s never too late to explore the advantages of divorce mediation.

Navigating Spousal Maintenance & Alimony Together

The financial aspects of divorce often bring stress to families. Spousal maintenance, or alimony, adds another layer of complexity to divorce proceedings, influencing the financial landscapes of both spouses. Our mediation services empower you and your spouse to collaborate on decisions, ensuring a fair and mutually beneficial resolution without placing undue burdens on either party.

A Civil and Respectful Route to Resolution

While divorce can be a source of contention, mediation offers an alternative path for constructive discussions on critical matters such as assets, alimony, co-parenting, child custody, and more. If you are in search of compassionate and expert divorce coaching in Rochester, NY or beyond, reach out to Finger Lakes Mediation & Divorce Coaching today to schedule your consultation. Our Divorce Mediator and Certified Divorce Coach, Michaele Gantz, is here to support you on your journey towards a brighter and more empowered future through compassionate divorce mediation.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Divorce undoubtedly brings stress and emotional overwhelm, but mediation offers a more civil and amicable approach to resolving disputes. Here are several reasons to consider divorce mediation:

Reduced Stress

Divorce mediation alleviates tension and emotional strain, fostering collaboration between you and your spouse to achieve a peaceful resolution without adversarial positions.

Swift Resolution:

Unlike prolonged court battles that can extend over months or even years, divorce mediation typically concludes within two to four months, providing a more efficient and adaptable process.


Mediation proves more economical than traditional litigation, leading to savings on lawyer fees, court appearances, and other associated expenses.

"Compassionate divorce mediation is the skillful practice of unraveling intertwined lives with empathy. It's a process that respects the shared history, facilitates a smoother transition, and nurtures the potential for renewed futures."