Divorce Mediation

Every day, Finger Lakes Mediation Services works to meet the needs of families going through or considering divorce. Mediation is particularly beneficial for parties who want to end the marriage but may not agree on how to handle division of assets, child custody, co-parenting, and other elements involved.

Mediation is a dignified process that will enable you and your spouse to have the final say in each of your lives. Mediation need not be considered only for divorce or separation. Often there are marital disputes or disagreements within a family that can be fairly resolved through mediation. Lack of communication within a family will frequently cause issues to grow beyond the family’s ability to find a resolution. Mediation helps to relieve the stress of conflict, and turn arguments into productive discussions.

At Finger Lakes Mediation Services, your mediator will guide you through the decision-making process, making sure that all have access to the appropriate legal information. Once an agreement has been reached, the mediator will draw up a Memorandum of Understanding.

Spousal Maintenance and Alimony

Spousal maintenance or alimony is defined as a spouse’s legal obligation to provide financial support before and after separation or divorce. Usually, spousal support is assigned and the amount decided by a judge. Finger Lakes Mediation gives you an alternative to court by placing the power to decide your future in your hands. Your mediator will guide you to a peaceful outcome according to everyone’s needs and abilities, and once that is decided, a written agreement will be drafted to solidify and formalize what has been decided.

Making major financial decisions with your partner is hard enough when times are good. Divorce or separation puts one’s future at stake, but professional mediation is a cost-effective way to help make sure no party is left wanting or assigned a burden they cannot bear.