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Children's Rights

Child Custody Mediation

Advocating for Children's Rights

The challenges and uncertainties, even in a relatively amicable divorce, can profoundly impact any child. At Consenso Mediation & Divorce Coaching, we are steadfast in our commitment to prioritizing children’s needs, feelings, and overall wellbeing throughout the family mediation process.

Empowering Children’s Voices

Our pledge includes creating a safe space where children have the freedom to express themselves without the weight of expectations or judgment. If age-appropriate and desired, the child or children of the spouses can actively participate in the family mediation discussions.

Professional, Neutral, and Compassionate Attention

Parents can trust our mediators to provide their children with professional, neutral, and compassionate attention throughout the family or divorce mediation process. Our approach steers clear of encouraging a child to take sides or express feelings they aren’t comfortable sharing. Instead, our focus lies in ensuring their voices are heard and their feelings are respected.

Children's Rights and Mediation in New York City, Manhattan

Advocating Children's Rights in Rochester, NY

At Consenso Mediation & Divorce Coaching, we ardently champion children’s rights, ensuring that their voices are not only heard but also that their best interests take precedence. Our mission is to cultivate a compassionate and empowering environment that aids families in achieving fair resolutions while safeguarding the emotional wellbeing of their children.

Guiding Your Children Through the Transition

Cooperation between spouses, even without friendship, is not only possible but essential to reach a fair resolution and shield children from the negative impacts of divorce. Our expert mediators are committed to supporting your children through the changes and challenges they may encounter during this period. We strive to ensure your children feel supported, cared for, and protected as they navigate the discomfort of these transitions.

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If you are considering child custody mediation for your family, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Michaele Gantz. Finger Lakes Mediation & Divorce Coaching is devoted to assisting families and children throughout the Upstate New York area, including Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse and beyond. Let us help you pave the way for a brighter and more secure future for your children during these challenging times.

"The heartbeat of mediation is children's rights. Their voices deserve recognition and respect throughout the process, ensuring that decisions made today shape a future that upholds their well-being and aspirations."