The conflict and uncertainty of even a fairly amicable divorce is difficult for any child to go through, which is why it’s especially important to prioritize their needs, feelings, and overall wellbeing.

We here at Finger Lakes Mediation and Divorce Coaching LLC firmly believe that children have the right to express themselves without the weight of expectations or judgment. The child or children of the spouses can even be involved in the family mediation process if they are of an appropriate age and choose to take part in the discussion.

Parents can count on our mediators to give their children the professional, neutral, and compassionate attention they deserve throughout the family or divorce mediation process. We would never encourage a child to take sides or express any feelings they aren’t interested in sharing. If you believe child custody mediation may be right for your family, we encourage you to schedule a consultation today. Our team is happy to help families and children throughout the Rochester, Victor, Greece, and Macedon, NY areas.

Let Our Child Custody Mediators Help You Support Your Children

Spouses certainly don’t have to be friends in order to cooperate and reach a fair resolution – or to protect their children from the negative feelings of a divorce. Finger Lakes Mediation is here to help your children feel supported, cared for, and protected as uncomfortable changes happen around them.