Children's Rights

Finger Lakes Mediation takes special care to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children.  Being subjected to the stress of conflict and uncertainty is not only unhealthy for a child, but adverse experiences in their formative years can have harmful effects well into adulthood.   

We believe children have the right to express their feelings.  They can choose what those feelings and desires are, and what is important to them.  Children have the right to speak freely with no expectations placed on them.   

Finger Lakes Mediation will never ask or encourage a child to choose sides.  We will never show bias or foster resentment, as children have the right to be protected from any negative feelings their parents or guardians may have toward each other.   

Children have the right to contribute to the mediation process and outcome.  We help them feel confident that they are being taken seriously and will continue to be loved and cared for even while difficult changes are happening around them.