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Championing Children’s Rights in Divorce Mediation in Rochester, NY

Divorce can be a tumultuous experience for any family, particularly for children caught in the crossfire. At Finger Lakes Mediation and Divorce Coaching in Rochester, NY, operated by Michaele Gantz, we place the highest priority on the emotional and legal rights of children during the mediation process. Michaele Gantz states, “In every mediation, the rights and well-being of children are our primary concern. We ensure they’re protected, respected, and given a platform to express themselves.”

Creating a Safe Space for Children

Our approach is centered around creating a supportive environment for children, affirming their right to voice their feelings and thoughts. We encourage their involvement in the mediation process when it’s appropriate, allowing their insights to influence the outcome.

Delivering Compassionate Attention

Michaele Gantz is a compassionate and highly skilled mediator providing children with the attention and care they need during these challenging times. Our focus remains on listening without bias, ensuring that children feel seen, heard, and never placed in the middle of conflict. We would love to work with you to help you and your children through this difficult time.

Safeguarding Children’s Futures

Our objective is to assist spouses in collaborating effectively, not only to reach amicable resolutions but also to shield their children from the adversities of divorce. Finger Lakes Mediation and Divorce Coaching is dedicated to ensuring every child feels supported and valued throughout the mediation process.

Divorce mediation in Rochester, NY

At Finger Lakes Mediation and Divorce Coaching in Rochester, NY, we’re committed to defending children’s rights and securing their emotional health through and beyond the divorce process. Contact expert mediator Michaele Gantz to learn how we can help guide your family toward a resolution that honors and protects the interests of your children. Contact us today to set up a free consultation and learn how we can help you through your divorce in Rochester, NY.


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